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Seven ways to make watermelon even more delicious

Vibrant, juicy and seriously delicious, we love refreshing watermelon over the summer. Whether you're looking for a frozen treat, showstopping dessert or refreshing cocktail, here are seven ways to make watermelon more delicious.

  1. Freeze

    For the best summer cooler, freeze wedges of watermelon into easy ice pops for the kids. Simply cut the watermelon into generous slices, then divide each slice into triangular wedges. Carefully use a sharp knife to make a hole in the skin at the bottom, add a stick then lay out flat on a tray and freeze.

  2. Griddle

    Seared on the BBQ, slices of griddled watermelon take on a lovely caramelised flavour. Dust over a little sugar to help them char and grill each side for a few seconds. Once cooked, a squeeze of lime helps the flavours pop.

  3. Share

    Pizzas are the perfect food for sharing, so why not try a fruit pizza as a refreshing summer alternative? Meaty watermelon makes the perfect base, ready for a creamy topping and your favourite summer fruits. Grab some friends for a picnic and tuck in.

  4. Scoop

    Jazz up jugs of water, cocktails or glasses of white wine, with frozen melon balls. Using a baller, scoop out rounds of different varieties of melons and freeze before adding to your drinks. Like an ice cube but so much tastier, not only do they help keep things cool, they add fruity flavour to your drinks and you can enjoy eating them afterwards, too. 

  5. Ice buckets

    For the ultimate party centrepiece, once you have scooped out your watermelon to make ice balls, keep the shell and turn it into an ice bucket. Cheers!

    Ice buckets
  6. Bake

    Well, not so much baking, but you can create a delicious, fruity cake with watermelon. Covered in a luscious layer of sweet cream and topped with fresh fruit, almonds and desiccated coconut, this watermelon cake makes a wonderful pudding to surprise guests with.

  7. Shake it up

    Watermelon is so naturally sweet and juicy that it makes a great base for drinks. Try blitzing into this watermelon Aperol spritz for a refreshing summer cocktail, or with lime, mint and soda for a delicious watermelon mocktail that everyone can enjoy. For a frozen treat, this watermelon margarita recipe will help keep you cool.

    Shake it up