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The best sandwich fillings ever

You can eat them with your hands, pack them to go and share them with friends – what's not to love about the humble sarnie? Here are some of our favourite sandwich recipes, from an impressive Danish open-faced rye version and a Korean bulgogi beef baguette to an old-fashioned grilled cheese sandwich and classic avocado and bacon combination – there’s a sandwich filling out there for everyone!

  1. Pack a pickle-punch

    We British are famous for our sandwiches, developing a variety of styles to suit all tastes. This pickled egg sandwich is a twist on a classic egg sandwich and is made more exciting by pickling the eggs in beetroot vinegar to add a vibrant pink colour and sweet-acidic taste. In Scandinavia, they too take great pride in their sandwiches (known as smørrebrød), and if you try this Danish open-faced rye sandwich, you’ll understand why. Pickled red onions and cornichons cut through the creaminess of the mayo and hard-boiled egg, while the cooked beetroot adds a welcome earthy sweetness.

    Pack a pickle-punch
  2. Green goddess

    Meat-free doesn't have to mean missing out on a hearty filling. For a veggie lunch, make this gloriously green sarnie by layering up slices of creamy avocado, peppery rocket, cooling cucumber and punchy blue cheese. Alternatively, try the creamy houmous and punchy pesto combo of this rainbow veggie baguette, a flavour-boosting mix that also includes layered veg for a fun rainbow effect and a healthy lunch you’ll love. If you’re bored of basic bread for your sandwich, Jamie Oliver’s courgette, tomato and red onion focaccia takes things to the next level, resulting in a light and spongy sarnie with a satisfyingly crispy top.

    Green goddess
  3. Fruity flair

    Sarnies don’t have to be strictly savoury. Sweet fruits are the perfect pairing for rich cheese fillings (think grapes on a cheeseboard or apple on a ploughman’s platter) and this oozy, grilled cheese sandwich has an inventive filling of juicy nectarines, salty prosciutto and fragrant thyme to cut through the melting mix of Cheddar and Gruyère cheese. If you’re more of a traditionalist, however, you can’t go wrong with our ultimate grilled cheese sandwich – the combination of mature Cheddar, nutty Red Leicester and melting mozzarella ensures that this is a classic for the ages.

    Fruity flair
  4. Brunch bun

    All our favourite brunch ingredients – grilled bacon, a runny fried egg, tomato and avocado – squashed between two slices of buttered bread. What’s not to love? If you’re nursing a hangover, or simply want to start your weekend right, this brunch sarnie is a great go-to. Another bacon bun alternative with added punch is our caramelised bacon and chilli jam sarnie, a revamped version of a true British classic, with bacon rashers sandwiched between sourdough slices and topped with sticky chilli jam – definitely worth getting out of bed for!

    Brunch bun
  5. Steak classics

    Embrace fusion cooking with this Korean-inspired sandwich, which uses a zingy beef bulgogi stir-fry as a filling for a simple French baguette. Juicy steak is marinated in a sticky soy sauce and honey glaze, sliced and stuffed into the crusty bread with red chilli and crunchy spring onions. And we travel to the States for this American classic, the Reuben steak sandwich with skin-on fries, given a spin here with tender steak replacing pastrami, and with plenty of melted Gruyère cheese, peppery rocket and sauerkraut in between a crusty ciabatta bun.

    Steak classics
  6. Sushi sarnie and crab rolls

    Feeling creative? Take inspiration from Japan by swapping bread for sushi rice and nori sheets. This gluten- and dairy-free onigirazu sushi sandwich is filled with hot smoked salmon, avocado and pickled cucumber – just dip in soy sauce (or gluten-free alternative) to serve. For a taste of the seaside, give these easy crab rolls a try. Combining sweet crab and creamy mayo in buttery brioche rolls, these are the ultimate picnic or summer lunch treat.

    Sushi sarnie and crab rolls
  7. Child-friendly fillings

    Even the pickiest of eaters will like these carrot, raisin and cream cheese sandwiches, inspired by the sweet and savoury flavours of a classic carrot cake. Little ones can help layer up the colourful fillings, and the hint of orange gives them a natural sweetness too. For added excitement at lunchtime, try these sweetcorn and courgette frittata sandwiches in your lunchbox. The frittatas are loaded with colourful courgette and juicy sweetcorn, then topped with punchy pesto and juicy tomatoes, and slid between two slices of fluffy wholemeal bread – kids will love them!

    Child-friendly fillings
  8. Classic sub

    Sometimes classics are classic for a reason, and this classic chicken club sandwich is a tough sarnie to beat. Packed to the brim with delicious roast chicken, topped with crispy bacon and juicy salad, this might just be the most famous sandwich of them all. Messing with classics wouldn’t usually be advised; however, a little dabbling here and there can result in exciting – and delicious – results. Take this recipe for pesto club sandwiches, in which a little pesto brings a delicious Italian twist. Simply layer up roast chicken, bacon, pesto swirled cream cheese and crisp salad, and serve with sweet potato fries for a new family lunch idea. If you’re still not convinced, layer up your ‘club’ with all your favourite treats and create your very own classic!

    Classic sub
  9. The ultimate filling?

    It’s impossible to all agree on the best sandwich filling, but we’re going to try… presenting the French dip turkey sandwich, packed with stuffing, creamy mayo, cranberry sauce and velvety reblochon cheese – serve with rich gravy for dunking. Quick, easy and totally tasty! This is perfect for Boxing Day and using all those Christmas Day leftovers, but goes down just as well as a late-night Sunday snack or Monday packed lunch when you still have veg to use up from roast dinner. It’s bursting with flavour – we think we’re onto a winner here!

    The ultimate filling?