1. Scandi chic

    The Scandinavians are famous for their sandwiches (known as smørrebrød) – try this Danish open-faced rye sandwich and you’ll understand why. Pickled red onions and cornichons cut through the creaminess of the mayo and hard boiled egg while the cooked beetroot adds a welcome earthy sweetness. Other classic toppings include smoked salmon and cream cheese.

  2. Green goddess

    Meat-free doesn't have to mean missing out on a hearty filling. For a veggie lunch, make this gloriously green sarnie by layering up slices of creamy avocado, peppery rocket, cooling cucumber and punchy blue cheese.

  3. Sushi sarnie

    Feeling creative? Take inspiration from Japan by swapping bread for sushi rice and nori sheets. This gluten and dairy-free onigirazu sushi sandwich is filled with hot smoked salmon, avocado and pickled cucumber – just dip in soy sauce (or gluten-free alternative) to serve.

  4. Fruity flare

    Sarnies don’t have to be strictly savoury. Sweet fruits are the perfect pairing for rich cheese fillings (think grapes on a cheeseboard or apple on a Ploughman's platter) and this oozy, grilled cheese sandwich has an inventive filling of juicy nectarines, salty prosciutto and fragrant thyme to cut through the melting mix of Cheddar and Gruyère cheese.

  5. Brunch bun

    All our favourite brunch ingredients – grilled bacon, a runny fried egg, tomato and avocado – squashed between two slices of buttered bread. If you’re nursing a headache from the night before or simply want to start your weekend right, this brunch sarnie is a great go-to.

  6. Bulgogi baguette

    Embrace fusion cooking with this Korean-inspired sandwich which uses a zingy beef bulgogi stir-fry as a filling for a simple French baguette. Juicy steak is marinaded in a sticky soy sauce and honey glaze, sliced and stuffed into the crusty bread with red chilli and crunchy spring onions.

  7. Triple cheese

    grilled cheese sandwich is the ultimate snack: quick, easy and total comfort food, and with three types of cheese melted together, this recipe makes the most deliciously gooey treat. Here we pair mature Cheddar, nutty Red Leicester and mozzarella, and to top it all off... an extra layer of cheese, melted on top of the sandwich until crisp.

  8. Super steak

    For a meal in itself, nothing hits the spot quite like a good old steak sarnie. This Reuben-style steak sandwich is a worthy alternative to a burger, especially as the meaty steak is layered in ciabatta buns with cheese, rocket and mustard, and served with skin-on fries.

  9. Crunch time

    Even the pickiest of eaters will like these carrot, raisin and cream cheese sandwiches, inspired by the sweet and savoury flavours of a classic carrot cake. Little helpers can help layer up the colourful fillings and the hint of orange gives them a natural sweetness, too.