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What's in season in February

Celebrate the best of seasonal produce by filling your meals with all the fruit and veg February has to offer. Hardy celeriac and turnips are versatile and plentiful, making vegetarian cooking easy. Crisp chicory comes in delicate yellow or bold red varieties and is perfect for adding crisp crunch to winter salads. For sweeter treats, beautiful blood oranges and tropical passion fruit add vibrant colour to any grey winter days.

  1. Blood oranges

    Bold blood oranges brighten up your kitchen brilliantly during their short winter season. Blood oranges range from a delicate blush pink to deep red, adding intense colour to classic citrus dishes. They are at their sweetest in January and February, when warm Mediterranean days followed by cold nights cause the brightest coloured fruit. Use in a creamy posset for a simple dessert, in a vibrant mojito mocktail for a refreshing drink, or sliced into a pretty topping for an elegant marmalade cake.

    Blood oranges
  2. Celeriac

    Don't be put off by its appearance – there's beauty beneath celeriac's imperfect skin. A variety of celery cultivated for its edible roots, celeriac has a tough, knobbly outer layer that hides creamy white flesh underneath. Once peeled it will discolour quickly, so submerge in a bowl of water with a squeeze of lemon to keep it fresh. A whole stuffed celeriac makes an impressive vegan main course, while thinly sliced raw celeriac adds crunch to this celeriac, orange and roast beef salad.

  3. Chicory

    Also known as endive, chicory has crisp, tightly packed leaves and a delicate, slightly bitter flavour. A forced crop, grown in darkness so it grows quickly in search of light, chicory has white leaves with pale yellow or red tips. Its distinctive, boat-shaped leaves make it perfect for stuffing, or for using as a crudité. Add it to salads for a bitter crunch, such as in a chicory, clementine and hazelnut salad. For an easy side, this simple caramelised chicory with orange and thyme recipe roasts the veg for extra smoky charred flavour.

  4. Passion fruit

    Passion fruit bring the sunshine to grey February days. These South American tropical fruits have a tough, inedible skin that is brown or purple in colour. Passion fruit skin shrivels as the fruit ripens, so for the sweetest flesh choose wrinkly fruit, or leave to ripen on a windowsill at home. Cut open to find edible seeds in a deliciously tart pulp, which you can spoon over tropical meringues, set into these delicate jellies or bake into fruity cakes. The seeds work equally well in savoury dishes – use for a sticky glaze on passion fruit pork skewers.

    Passion fruit
  5. Turnips

    Hearty turnips are a classic British winter veg that are in plentiful supply at this time of year. Winter turnips have a peppery flavor that is perfect in warming casseroles, stews and easy one-pot dishes. For something different, try grating them into crispy rostis and serving with a spicy mayo for an easy vegetarian meal. Turnips can also be roasted until caramelised and matched with more bold winter flavours – try pairing with Stilton in a substantial salad.