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What's in season in February

Celebrate the best of seasonal produce by filling your meals with all the fruit and veg February has to offer. Hearty celeriac and sweet potatoes are versatile and plentiful, making vegetarian cooking easy. Leafy kale is perfect for adding freshness to your favourite winter salads and comfort dishes. For sweet treats, gorgeous grapefruit and juicy plums add vibrant colour to grey winter days.

  1. Sweet potatoes

    Use hearty sweet potatoes to brighten up your kitchen during the cold winter months. With vibrant orange flesh and a satisfying sweet flavour, this root vegetable is the perfect ingredient for a fragrant vegan curry. Or, enjoy an easy sweet potato and pepper soup for a healthy, light lunch. For a fresh and smoky vegetarian dinner, try this chipotle baked sweet potatoes with black beans recipe.

    Sweet potatoes
  2. Easy peelers

    ‘Easy peelers’ is the collective name for mandarins, clementines, satsumas and tangerines. Not only are they satisfying to peel and great for lunchboxes, but whenever you need a vitamin C hit, having a pile of easy peelers in reach is as simple as it gets. Just one provides nearly half of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C, helping to keep you feeling brighter this winter. Try out this clementine salad recipe to add some vibrance to those chilly evenings. For something sweet, give this citrus cheesecake board a go.

    Easy peelers
  3. Maris Piper potatoes

    Maris Piper potatoes are the ultimate all rounder. Carefully grown for their delicious, light and fluffy texture, they make great chips, creamy mash and the crispiest of roast potatoes. One of the most widely grown potatoes in the UK, these versatile spuds are readily available for all your potato needs. Try out these easy air-fryer chunky chips for a no-fuss side, or give this olive oil and roasted garlic mash a go!

    Maris Piper potatoes
  4. Celeriac

    Don't be put off by its appearance – there's beauty beneath celeriac's imperfect skin. A variety of celery cultivated for its edible roots, celeriac has a tough, knobbly outer layer that hides creamy white flesh underneath. Once peeled it will discolour quickly, so submerge in a bowl of water with a squeeze of lemon to keep it fresh. Indulge in a classic French celeriac and apple remoulade or try using crunchy celeriac ribbons as a healthy alternative to egg noodles with some XO chilli sauce. Enjoy a vibrant and balanced celeriac, orange and roast beef salad for a delicious light lunch.

  5. Kale

    A leafy green member of the cabbage family, kale is fresh, crisp and ready to be eaten in February. Make a healthy midweek meal with this green pasta recipe, which uses tender kale for a vibrant dinner. Transform your favourite Friday night treat with this sausage and kale pizza recipe, made with three types of creamy cheese and topped with crispy kale. Liven up your lunches with this pesto salmon veg bowl, which uses steamed curly kale for a light and flavoursome dish.

  6. Grapefruit

    Sharp in flavour, the grapefruit ranges from a delicate white or blush pink to a deep red, adding intense colour to classic citrus dishes. Red grapefruit is sweeter than its pink counterpart; try this seasonal stunner in a loaf cake for the perfect afternoon treat. Level up your weekend brunches with this yogurt and honey pancakes with citrus fruit recipe, which uses vibrant red grapefruit for a refreshing and colourful breakfast. Try using grapefruit in a salad with Thai prawn skewers to bring zingy, fresh and citrussy flavours to your kitchen table.

  7. Flavorking plums

    Known for their bubblegum-like taste, Flavorking plums are at their juiciest in February. Sweeten up a blue cheese salad with some perfectly sliced plums. Try something a bit more adventurous for your Sunday roast with this succulent pork belly with spiced plum sauce – the sticky and sweet glaze is heavenly! Use the Flavorking plum’s mellow colour and flavour to elevate a chicken traybake, which roasts the stone fruit until it is soft and jammy.

    Flavorking plums