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Eight avocado ideas that you have to try

Vibrant green smoothies, creamy dips and even decadent desserts – you can do so much more with avocados than just chopping them into salads. Try some of our favourite suggestions, below.

  1. Mash

    It's a classic for good reason; served on crunchy toast, smashed avocado is perfect for any time of day. Top with poached eggs for breakfast, try a sprinkling of seeds for lunch or add a some flaked salmon for dinner.

  2. Dip

    Love guacamole? Then you'll love other avocado dips, too. This vibrant green dip takes guacamole up a notch with peppery watercress for a British twist, while this pea and avocado dip is perfect for a dip-able posh mushy peas. 

  3. Blitz

    The ultra creamy texture of avocado is perfect for adding richness to soups and smoothies. Try in a chilled summer lettuce soup for a refreshing starter, or in a zingy avocado, lime and spinach smoothie to kickstart your day.

  4. Grill

    Although mostly served raw, you can add a smoky note to your avocados by searing them on a hot griddle pan or barbecue. They make a great base for a summer salad, such as with this simple griddled avocado green salad, or can be as a side to other grilled meats and fish. This piri piri salmon recipe balances the spicy flavour of the fish with the creamy richness of avocado.

  5. Fill

    Once de-stoned, avocados are the perfect pockets to fill with delicious ingredients. We love these crab-stuffed avocados which are paired with a tangy buttermilk dressing for a posh lunch, or you could try a breakfast version with eggs baked in avocados and serve with smoked salmon. 

  6. Whip

    Rich, creamy avocado is also perfect in sweet treats, acting as a plant-based fat instead of using butter or cream. This clever chocolate mousse recipe uses avocado for an extra silky smooth texture alongside the bitter cocoa powder and sweet milk chocolate. 

  7. Churn

    For another sweet idea, try baking up a storn with avocados in your favourite cakes. This avocado banana bread recipe has a moist crumb and subtle green colour from the avocado, and only has a little maple syrup for sweetness. 

  8. Freeze

    Avocado ice cream is a must-try in summer. This super easy ice cream is a no-churn recipe, which means it can just be blended together in minutes, but once frozen it remains deliciously creamy with the help of the blitzed avocado and sweet condensed milk. Serve up a scoop and give it a try.

  9. Top tip

    Next time you only need to use half an avocado put a little lemon juice on the half that you don't need. It will stay beautifully green in the fridge until the next day.