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How to make your favourite fast food at home

If you are staying at home and starting to miss your favourite fast food, we are here to help. Make the most of the extra time and get cooking to recreate all the classics in your own kitchen. From crispy fried chicken to a juicy burger or the ultimate kebab, we’ve got all the fast food recipes you need.

  1. How to make fried chicken

    Hot, crispy, golden fried chicken is one of the ultimate fast food options, so why not give it a try at home. Plus, when you make fried chicken at home it can be healthy too. This Southern fried chicken is actually baked instead of fried after marinating for a healthier, but still irresistible, dinner. Got kids to feed? Make chicken nuggets or make chicken goujons – use corn flakes or Rice Krispies for the secret to a super-crispy coating.

    How to make fried chicken
  2. How to make pizza

    A takeaway pizza is an easy treat, but there are plenty of ways to make pizza at home. If you’re hungry and need food fast, make a cheat’s pizza using shop-bought flatbreads or pizza bases and experiment with toppings – our cheat’s white pizza for two makes an easy date night in or use mini tortillas for a speedy Caprese. If you want to make pizza dough from scratch, the base recipe for this Florentine pizza is a good starting point. Knead flour, caster sugar, yeast and water into a smooth dough, then leave to rise until doubled in size before rolling and topping.

    How to make pizza
  3. How to make a kebab

    Do you always end a night out with a kebab? Skip the night out and get cooking instead. For a non-traditional spin on a kebab, try these homemade wraps to recreate the taste of the takeaway, but much better and healthy too! A combination of spiced lamb and pork mince is roasted then sliced into strips and loaded up with salad, pickles and yogurt sauce.

    How to make a kebab
  4. How to make a burger

    Whether you barbecue it, cook it in the oven or give it a quick pan-fry, a homemade burger is an excellent summer kitchen classic to master. There are lots of options – do you fancy a chicken, beef, pork or veggie burger? To make a classic beef burger, try our best burger ever recipe for a homemade patty packed with flavour, topped with melting cheese, crispy bacon coleslaw and pickles in a brioche bun. If you don’t have a barbecue, just pan-fry the burgers for 5 mins per side. Add dried herbs, chilli, a splash of hot sauce or finely grated apple to your beef mince to experiment with flavours – use what you have in the cupboard.

    How to make a burger
  5. How to make chips

    Once you’ve got the burger, you need to make chips at home too for the ultimate feast. This perfect chips recipe makes enough for two, if you can share. They’re oven-baked and skin-on for maximum ease. If you always order sweet potato fries, make thin and crispy shoestring fries or easy potato wedges instead. Just craving chips and not the burger? Make loaded fries with this indulgent chilli cheese fries recipe.

    How to make chips
  6. How to make a chicken korma

    If it’s a curry night you’re craving, a homemade curry is the perfect kitchen project. Follow our easy chicken korma recipe and you’ll have tender chicken in a rich, creamy, lightly spiced sauce in just over 30 mins. If you like it hotter, add extra chilli powder (taste as you go!) or try a more fiery curry such as a homemade beef panang curry with fresh chillies for more heat.

    How to make a chicken korma
  7. How to make chicken wings

    Sticky, glossy, juicy chicken wings. Easy to recreate at home and wallet-friendly too! Our one-tray chicken wings recipe is the perfect place to start – chicken wings are coated in a simple 3-ingredient glaze of honey, Cajun seasoning and paprika, then roasted until glossy. Best of all, roast veg on the same try and blitz into a dip for your wings. For an all-American snack, make buffalo wings and serve with a rich homemade ranch dip.

    How to make chicken wings
  8. How to make fish and chips

    Missing having fish and chips by the sea? Make our beer-battered scampi recipe for super crisp batter and juicy prawns in your own kitchen. Don’t forget the homemade mushy peas too! If you don’t want to deep-fry at home, make cheat’s fish fingers in the oven (use any firm white fish you have) and serve with rainbow veggie chips.

    How to make fish and chips
  9. How to make nachos

    The best bit about making nachos at home is customising them with your favourite flavours. Be generous with the guac, skip the sour cream, use extra hot salsa – the choice is yours! Our easy nachos recipe has a classic cheesy base topped with homemade refried beans, avocado and salsa, or try Greek salad nachos for a summery spin on this Mexican classic.

    How to make nachos
  10. How to make calamari

    Calamari by the sea is a sign of the summer holidays. Recreate that memory at home this year instead – our step-by-step calamari recipe has all the tips and tricks you need, including how to cut your squid and make cheat’s aioli. If it’s a night at your local Chinese you’re missing instead, make salt and pepper squid for crispy seafood with a kick.

    How to make calamari