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Derek Sarno's best vegan recipes

As Executive Chef Director of plant-based innovation at Tesco, Derek Sarno is always looking for new ways to hero vegetables, and these inspiring vegan recipes show that you can cook tasty, hearty and exciting veggie meals, whatever the occasion.

  1. Nacho mac 'n' cheese

    For indulgent winter comfort food, try this vegan nacho mac ‘n’ cheese from chef Derek Sarno. A super creamy vegan cheese sauce is made from sweet potato and cauliflower, layered over crunchy tortilla chips and topped with a fresh tomato salsa for everyone to dig into.

  2. Barbecue miso aubergine

    This Asian-inspired veggie dish makes a great addition to any barbecue. Miso-glazed aubergine is grilled until beautifully charred and topped with vibrant spring onion, chopped peanuts and red chilli, for a fresh and feisty finish.

  3. Mushroom carbonara

    This plant-based carbonara recipe proves you can still enjoy your favourite creamy pasta at home. Using clever flavour pairings, Derek uses savoury shiitake mushrooms and soy sauce to create 'shroom bacon, and whips up a dairy-free sauce that's silky smooth but with a slight tang of miso paste that helps bring an almost cheesy flavour to this classic dish.

  4. Smoky mushroom tacos

    These delicious vegan mushroom tacos are perfect for bringing some plant-based inspiration to a Mexican sharing feast. Portobello mushrooms are marinated in tangy BBQ sauce and beer, then griddled (or barbecued) until lightly charred for intense flavour. Stuff tacos with onions, mushrooms and jalapeños and top with generous spoonfuls of smashed avocado.

  5. Crispy aubergine sandwich

    Crispy aubergine sandwich

    We all love a fast food treat every now again, and this recipe turns a hearty, filled-to-the-brim veggie sandwich into a healthy meal that happens to be vegan. This is a great new ways to hero vegetables over traditional ingredients, with these crispy, breaded aubergine steaks and spicy sweet potato ‘mayo’. Layered together with crunchy cabbage slaw, this is a sarnie with attitude.

  6. Roasted veg salad

    Roasted veg salad

    This vibrant salad recipe as a brilliant sharing platter everyone can enjoy. Full of colour, texture and a wicked cashew dressing this feast of a salad is great for using up veg – with swede, red cabbage, broccoli and more all being griddled until smoky and charred for maximum flavour.

  7. Tofu scramble

    Tofu scramble

    An easy, plant-based way to start the day, this hearty veg-packed brunch will keep you going all morning. If the combination of creamy tofu and crunchy sourdough wasn’t enough, golden-spiced potatoes, garlic mushrooms and plenty of fresh spinach make a crisp hash for the perfect finishing touch – along with a generous dollop of tangy mustard sauce.

  8. Vegan lunchbox

    Vegan lunchbox

    Derek makes it easy to enjoy a fresh, delicious vegan lunch if you're eating at work or on the go. These four plant-based recipes can be used together for a hearty meal, or mix-and-match your favourites for different combinations.

  9. BBQ 'shroom buns

    Celebrate the great versatility of veg with these ‘meaty’ BBQ buns. These sticky mushroom buns are the perfect example of how healthy, vegetarian cooking can be just as exciting as your traditional dishes – you won’t even miss the meat! For the ultimate feast, serve with Derek's sweet potato and rosemary fries, and a crisp rocket salad.

  10. Whole roast peppered butternut squash

    For a vegan Sunday roast, Derek recommends whole roast peppered butternut squash. The squash is roasted in the oven before browning and covering in pepper, paprika, sugar and salt. It's then served on a bed of creamy cauliflower and finished with fresh parsley and crunchy pistachios.

    Whole roast peppered butternut squash
  11. Wicked carrot cake

    In this recipe, Derek wanted to enhance a traditional carrot cake while, at the same time, making it as plant-rich as possible. The result is this wicked carrot cake – a dessert packed with toasted spices that bring the bake to a mature, sweet and rich level. One slice won't be enough.

    Wicked carrot cake
  12. Teriyaki mushroom skewers

    If you're after main for a vegan-friendly barbecue, this recipe for Terikyaki mushroom skewers from Derek Sarno should hit the spot. Marinated in a mixture of Teriyaki sauce, garlic, soy sauce, and a special sesame togarashi spice blend, these skewers are wonderfully spicy and super addictive. 


    Teriyaki mushroom skewers
  13. No-turkey roast crown with stuffing and mushroom gravy

    Creating the best plant-based foods for everyone to enjoy is key this festive season. Here, Derek Sarno shows us a brilliant way to serve up the new Wicked Kitchen no-turkey roast crown with an easy miso-broccoli stuffing and super-savoury mushroom gravy.

    No-turkey roast crown with stuffing and mushroom gravy