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Eight ways to have the ultimate brunch

Combining the best bits of breakfast and lunch, brunch is one of our favourite meals of the week. From perfect eggs to the best bacon recipes – we’ve got everything you need to serve up the ultimate brunch this weekend!

  1. Choose your eggs

    How do you like your eggs in the morning? For a truly indulgent brunch, upgrade a classic eggs Benedict with extra special lobster. Or try something different entirely: stuff your eggs into a croissant, fry with crispy chorizo or scramble with aromatic spices and pile onto fluffy naan bread.

    Choose your eggs
  2. Ultimate bacon

    The smell of bacon cooking will get everyone out of bed in the morning. For the ultimate bacon sandwich, try these bacon and chilli jam sarnies – streaky bacon is brushed with chilli jam and grilled until super-crisp and caramelised. In this indulgent egg in a hole, the bread is swapped for a bagel and the spice level increased with a coating of hot chipotle paste on the crispy bacon, for a fiery start to the day.

    Ultimate bacon
  3. Go Mexican

    Get some brunch inspiration from Mexico with these avo-filled classics. Crispy tortillas are layered with spicy beans, feta and a poached egg for crowd-pleasing avocado tostadas, perfect after a big night out. Or try these smashed avocado and halloumi breakfast tacos, loaded with smoky charred corn and melting slices of halloumi.

    Go Mexican
  4. Grab some granola

    Swap your everyday muesli for something slightly more indulgent at the weekend. This ultimate mocha granola is the way to get your morning coffee fix and breakfast in one go. Oats and almonds are coated in espresso and cocoa for a sweet treat, along with dried cranberries and seeds.

    Grab some granola
  5. Switch up the fry-up

    Everybody knows a classic full English fry-up, so why not branch out beyond the all-important bacon, sausages and eggs. Go the extra mile and serve with your own hash browns for irresistible crispy potatoes with just four ingredients. For a veggie twist, try this spiced halloumi fry-up with paprika-dusted halloumi and juicy roasted tomatoes.

    Switch up the fry-up
  6. Get baking

    Weekend baking doesn’t need to be saved for dessert or afternoon tea. For a sweet tooth, a warm loaf of banana bread is a delicious way to start the day. Go classic with a banana breakfast loaf, or make this bakery-worthy vegan banana bread topped with a whole banana. For brunch, try toasting thick slices until crisp and golden on the outside and fluffy inside. Top with Greek yogurt and a drizzle of maple syrup or a handful of fresh berries.

    Get baking
  7. Wake up to fresh bread

    Baking your own bread is a perfect weekend activity and a chance to slow down after a busy week. This no-knead bread makes baking homemade bread easy, and the results are definitely worth it. Simply mix together, leave to rise overnight and bake in the morning for fresh, warm bread without leaving the house, ready to be slathered with butter or turned into toast and bacon sandwiches galore.

    Wake up to fresh bread
  8. When brunch becomes lunch

    If your weekend brunch takes place a little closer to lunchtime than breakfast, take your time with something a little bit different. This traditional kedgeree is a brunch classic that works at any time of day. Spiced rice, smoky flaked haddock and perfect soft-boiled eggs with golden runny yolks make a generous weekend feast.

    When brunch becomes lunch