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Nine new pancake recipes you have to try

Whether you fancy something sweet, savoury, healthy or hearty this Shrove Tuesday, our scrumptious selection of pancake recipes will impress even the fussiest eaters. Welcome to flipping heaven!

  1. Pretty pops

    With their simple ingredients and no-fuss method, pancakes are a great way to introduce your kids to the joys of cooking. And with just a dollop of batter and a lollipop stick you can help them to make these irresistible nibbles.

    Pretty pops
  2. Super spelt

    Try experimenting with different flours in your batter. These gorgeous pancakes are made with spelt flour, giving them a sweet and slightly nutty flavour. Serve them with fresh clementine and pomegranate for a beautifully vibrant Pancake Day dish.

    Super spelt
  3. Layer up

    If you’re after a showstopper, this pancake layer cake will do the job nicely. It has an impressive 20 layers of light, fluffy pancakes, sandwiched with an indulgent vanilla custard and topped with whipped cream and sweet raspberry sauce. An unforgettable stack. 

    Layer up
  4. Special diets

    Shrove Tuesday, with its parade of buttery pancakes and sweet toppings can be a challenge for anyone following a special diet. These wafer-thin gluten-free crêpes are simple yet delicious, or try a fluffy American-style version with these banana pancakes topped with oranges and maple syrup. For a vegan diet, these coconut pancakes with caramelised bananas are a real treat, but without a hint of dairy or eggs in sight.

    Special diets
  5. Perfect princesses

    Your little princesses will love creating characters, and it's easy with a few simple and delicious decorations. With her flowing chocolate locks, golden lemon-curd crown, pink marshmallow cheeks and juicy strawberry lips, this princess pancake is pretty and tasty, too.

    Perfect princesses
  6. All-day breakfast

    Pancake day is the perfect excuse to eat pancakes for every meal! Replace your normal bacon and eggs with veg pancakes topped with avocado and chorizo for a flavour-filled start to the day, or try these easy sweetcorn pancakes that even the kids can make - they work just as well for breakfast as for dinner. 

    All-day breakfast
  7. Go Greek

    Transport yourself to the Mediterranean with these delicious spanakopita-inspired pancakes, inspired by the traditional flavours of the creamy spinach dish.

    Go Greek
  8. Breakfast bears

    If you want to do something memorable for the children, then try these easy chocolate teddy pancakes. The mixture of cocoa, fresh berries and syrup will guarantee happy, smiling faces.

    Breakfast bears
  9. Savoury spin

    Give your pancakes a sophisticated spin with this buttermilk, prawn and dill pancake recipe. Buttermilk adds a tangy flavour and fluffy texture to the batter, while the sweet, juicy king prawns are balanced with a punchy dill and horseradish cream.

    Savoury spin