1. Try a variety

    Cherry tomatoes are small, round and red… well, not necessarily! There are a whole host of types available, ranging in size from tiny marbles to whopping golf balls, and in colour from classic scarlet red to bright yellow, orange and green. Look out for different types in store throughout the British season, which runs from April to November. In particular, keep an eye out for Piccolo tomatoes which have a great balance of tangy tartness and sweetness, making them perfect for a simple side salad such as this Tomato, red onion and chorizo salad.

  2. Salads with bite

    With no need to peel or seed them, cherry tomatoes are great to toss through any number of salad dishes for a bit of bite. Try them with Middle Eastern flavours in this pomegranate tabbouleh, or pair with Italian-inspired lamb chops for this simple supper. Both recipes make the most of a timeless British summer combination of tangy tomato with the refreshing taste and crunch of cucumber.

  3. Fragrant salsas

    Small but mighty, cherry tomatoes are perfect for piquant salsas as they stand up well to the strong flavours and spices often found in Mexican and South American cooking. This pulled pork fajita recipe has a classic chopped fresh tomato salsa to balance the dish, while for something a little different, this blackened corn salsa uses roasted whole tomatoes for a sweeter result.  

  4. Skewer and go

    Meat isn’t the only thing you can put on a skewer. Make the most of summer kebab season with delicious cherry tomatoes as they’re the perfect size for skewering whole. For something super quick and easy, these Greek salad kebabs are fresh and vibrant; there’s no need to cook them and they make a great alfresco meal. For a vegetarian BBQ dish, veggie kebabs are ideal. This recipe pairs charred halloumi with a tangy, herb-packed dressing.

  5. Baked and blistered

    Roasting tomatoes adds a wonderful depth of flavour, making for a completely different taste experience. As the skin blisters and chars, cherry tomatoes gain a smoky intensity – they might be a little less juicy perhaps, but they stay sweet with that classic savoury taste. Use to top pizzas and tarts, or bake into bread for a wonderfully colourful loaf.

  6. Bright breakfasts

    Often just plopped on the side of a full English, tomatoes at breakfast can be a little uninspiring. Sweet cherry tomatoes can add a dash of colour to your standard breakfast fare, such as in this Italian-inspired croissant, or these cute little sausage popovers.

  7. Bottle it

    If you’re eating them raw, it’s obviously best to get the freshest tomatoes you can. However, don’t despair if they’re a little squishy or over-ripe, these tomatoes will be ideal for cooking up a big batch of tomato sauce or even your own homemade ketchup. Try this lightly spiced Piccolo ketchup recipe for a healthy take on the nation’s favourite condiment.

  8. Storecupboard standby

    Tinned cherry tomatoes retain a lot of the flavour and texture of fresh ones, so they’re great to have on standby. For a simple twist on a pasta bake, try this creamy chicken and chorizo pasta dish, which uses both tinned cherry and chopped tomatoes for maximum flavour. Or, try making this Middle Eastern-style baked feta, which really lets the rich tomato sauce be the star.

  9. Shopping and storing

    When buying cherry tomatoes, look out for tomatoes that feel firm to the touch and have shiny, deep and even-coloured skins – whether that be red, yellow, orange or green! Although many fruits stay fresher when stored in the fridge, for best results you should keep tomatoes at room temperature, but out of direct sunlight, as this helps them ripen, giving you the best flavour and taste.