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Seven ways to use up leftover tomatoes

Juicy, sweet and fragrant, tomatoes are synonymous with summer. But 1.5 million tomatoes are thrown away every day in the UK – that adds up to 46,000 tonnes a year! Read on for our top tips and favourite recipes to make the most of your tomatoes and prevent any going to waste.

  1. Start with a salad

    Ripe tomatoes are an essential ingredient in many salads, so start by reaching for your chopping board. Tomatoes last longer in the fridge, but remove them half an hour before eating for maximum sweet flavour. Try this colourful tomato, feta and pomegranate salad for something classic, or combine your tomatoes with leftover bread for an Italian panzanella.

    Start with a salad
  2. Summer glut

    If you grow tomatoes at home or in an allotment and have a summer glut, go for a recipe that will use a lot of them fast. Soup is the answer: stay chilled with a refreshing summer gazpacho using a mix of sweet vine and baby tomatoes.

    Summer glut
  3. Brilliant breakfasts

    If you have just got a couple of spare tomatoes that need using up, add a handful to your breakfast. Roast until sweet for this simple mushroom eggy bread or start your morning with a colourful, Mexican-inspired avocado and egg breakfast burrito wrap, packed with tomatoes roasted with chilli, garlic and lime.

    Brilliant breakfasts
  4. Easy traybakes

    A few handfuls of fresh tomatoes can transform a midweek traybake. This tomato-coated pork traybake uses both sundried and fresh tomatoes for maximum flavour. To recreate Spanish holiday memories in your kitchen, try spicy roasted fish with patatas bravas.

    Easy traybakes
  5. Pasta perfection

    Swap your tinned tomatoes for fresh ones all summer long – slightly squashy, overripe tomatoes are perfect in pasta sauces. Our classic seafood linguine combines prawns, mussels and squid and is ready in just 20 minutes for an easy summer dinner, or keep it simple with creamy tomato and sweet onion pasta for all the family.

    Pasta perfection
  6. Pizza night

    Get family or friends over for a classic pizza night, making the most of tomatoes for your topping and sauce. Scatter a mixture of colourful tomatoes on top of bright sunshine pizzas or use mini tortillas as an easy shortcut base for a cheat’s Caprese pizza.

    Pizza night
  7. Use now, enjoy later

    If you’ve got too many tomatoes to use up at once, don’t throw them away! Preserve your stash to to use year-round and bring some summer sunshine to dark winter days. Make spicy tomato relish to spoon alongside cheese, or try this homemade ketchup that kids will love.

    Use now, enjoy later

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