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Breakfast for dinner recipe ideas

The best breakfasts – from stacked pancakes and topped toast to a full English – are too good to save just for the morning. Savour breakfast for dinner with these recipes, which work equally well as a lazy weekend brunch or as a simple meal at the end of the day.

  1. Easy eggs

    Boiled or scrambled, poached or fried, eggs are a versatile morning choice, but it only takes a little creativity to turn them into a substantial evening meal. Build into a Mexican-style burrito with avocado and tomato salsa, or bake the eggs in avocado halves and serve with smoked salmon on the side. To make scrambled eggs dinner-worthy, whip up these Indian-inspired eggs – spiced eggs and spinach are served on top of warm naan breads for storecupboard comfort food.

    Easy eggs
  2. Transform toast

    We've all grabbed a slice of toast to go in the morning, but it's also easily transformed into a wallet-friendly dinner. Use up the last of a loaf in this savoury mushroom eggy bread or make a rich, cheesy croque madame for an indulgent dinner that's ready in minutes. If you’ve got a little more time, go for a really hearty American-inspired strata (often called a 'breakfast casserole'); an egg and cheese-filled bread bake similar to a savoury bread pudding. Our version is filled with chorizo, tomatoes and chilli for a proper kick. 

    Transform toast
  3. Full English

    If a classic full English breakfast is a bit too much for first thing in the morning, then save it for dinner instead. There's no need to juggle multiple pans with this one-tray full English, where everything is roasted together in the oven for a healthy twist on a fry-up. Alternatively, transform the core ingredients into a hearty burger with these big breakfast muffins. Sandwich smoky bacon, a fried egg and sausage patty in a toasted English muffin, then finish with a dollop of chilli mayo.

    Full English
  4. Kedgeree

    The bold flavours of a classic kedgeree work perfectly later in the day, especially if you can't quite face smoked fish the moment you wake up. This timeless recipe combines tender flakes of smoked haddock, golden spiced rice and soft-boiled eggs for a comforting family meal – try it in place of a familiar biryani or fried rice.

  5. Pancakes

    Given a savoury spin instead of the usual lemon and sugar, pancakes can make a perfect midweek meal. A simple pancake batter uses storecupboard ingredients and takes just minutes to whip up. Layer up lacy crêpes with cheese and veg for this kale and feta pancake stack, or take inspiration from further afield with this Korean prawn and spring onion pancake, topped with seafood and fresh chillies, or these Mediterranean-style socca pancakes, which also happen to be vegan and gluten-free.

  6. Savour a shakshuka

    The joy of having breakfast for dinner is that you can enjoy recipes you might not have time to make in the mornings. Turkish shakshuka is a classic brunch dish featuring eggs baked in a spicy tomato sauce, just the kind of thing that works well for dinner. Ring the changes by adding peppers (as in this Middle Eastern-inspired egg bake), beans or chickpeas, or topping with cheese... This English breakfast shakshuka combines the best of both classics, adding bacon and mushrooms to the smoky tomato sauce. You could try swapping the tomato sauce for creamy spinach and crispy chorizo in a spinach menemen, for a green twist packed with veg and chilli.

    Savour a shakshuka
  7. All-day avocado

    Mashed (or smashed) avocado on toast is now a well-established choice for breakfast or brunch, but it works in the evening too. For dinner, keep the avocado and perfectly poached eggs but swap the toast for this golden paprika-spiced waffle and crispy fried onions. If you’re after a healthy supper, add avocado to a colourful Mexican-style salad with baked sweetcorn fritters for a vibrant veggie meal.

    All-day avocado
  8. Have a hash

    A hearty hash is the ultimate leftovers recipe, so it's ideal as a Monday night supper made with bits from your Sunday roast. Just chuck any cooked potatoes, veg and shredded or chopped meat into a pan, and fry until turning crispy around the edges. This colourful red cabbage hash includes chunky bacon and is cooked in the oven for ease, while this corned beef hash is a bit of a retro classic. For a veggie twist, try this vibrant red pepper and spinach hash.

    Have a hash