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Seven ways to make an impressive vegan dinner

Cooking a vegan-friendly dish, or even a hosting a vegan dinner party doesn’t have to be difficult or dull. These vegan recipes prove just how simple and delicious meat and dairy-free meals can be.

  1. Sharing snacks

    Keep things casual with some crisp, crunchy, veggie snacks that everyone can tuck into. Go for a vegan take on an American classic with this lightly spiced cauliflower popcorn recipe or transform tofu into a moreish snack with this salt and pepper tofu. For a simple chip-and-dip evening, serve up your favourite crisps or crudités with something like this gorgeous herby pea houmous.

    Sharing snacks
  2. Brilliant breads

    Fresh bread is always a great crowd-pleaser and plenty of easy homemade bakes are perfect for vegan diets. This step-by-step no-knead bread recipe is ideal for beginner bakers, and you could serve as a starter with some tasty cashew nut vegan cheese or a meat-free, earthy mushroom pâté. These speedy three-ingredient spiced flatbreads are great if whipping up dinner in a hurry. Serve alongside curries, spicy stews and tagines, or as part of a Middle Eastern-inspired meze.

    Brilliant breads
  3. Tasty tart

    Bringing a beautiful tart to the table is sure to impress, and there are plenty of vegan options to try at home. This nutty mushroom tart has a spelt flour pastry and is topped with sweet parsnips, meaty mushrooms and a punchy herb pesto. For something a little more colourful, try this roasted vegetable tart with a seeded crust, or serve up a spectacular pud with this easy free-from fruity galette.

    Tasty tart
  4. Protein power

    Nuts, seeds and pulses are a great way to get more plant-based protein into vegan dishes. A nut roast may seem like an obvious choice, but our stunning nut roast cake has added wow factor and is packed with spices and herbs for extra flavour. As a hearty side, these spiced harissa chickpeas are a good choice, or learn how to make your own falafel for a North African-style feast with our handy step-by-step guide.

    Protein power
  5. Vibrant veg

    Vegan cooking is the perfect excuse to make colourful, seasonal veg the real star of your dishes. Make your favourite veg the stand-out hero by stuffing it or cooking it as a meat-free 'steak'. Try bulgur wheat-stuffed butternut squash, or squash steaks with sweet couscous. In summer, these griddled aubergine and courgette steaks make a vibrant dish that's full of flavour. For something extra pretty, this harissa spring veg bowl balances sweet carrots, peppery radishes and crunchy asparagus with nutty grains - just swap the honey for maple syrup in the dressing.

    Vibrant veg
  6. Decadent desserts

    Dairy-free doesn't have to mean missing out on rich, creamy, luscious puds. Indulge chocolate cravings with this gorgeous chocolate and coconut torte that uses tofu as a clever way of creating a silky-smooth filling. For something sticky and sweet, this self-saucing date pudding is oozing with caramel sauce. Serve with this easy whipped coconut cream on the side. 

    Decadent desserts
  7. Special sponge

    If it's a celebration then you'll need a showstopping cake to finish things off. This vegan take on a classic Victoria sponge is dairy and egg-free, but you’d never know it. Filled with a (butter-free) vanilla buttercream and lashings of strawberry jam, it's just as good as the classic. Or go exotic with this mango and coconut celebration cake that works for any special occasion.

    Special sponge