How to start a basic store cupboard

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The store cupboard is the hub of the kitchen. With a good stash of the basic ingredients you’ll have everything you need to put together delicious meals in minutes. With the right seasonings to hand, hundrum leftovers can be transformed into an exciting feast. A dash of balsamic vinegar can revive a ripe avocado into a mouth-watering side or add crushed chillis and a splash of soy sauce to the plainest vegetable stir-fry for a fast food fix.

Love your larder – get started with our list of store cupboard essentials. 

1. Baked beans
2. Balsamic vinegar  
3. Butter beans
4. Coconut milk
5. Chopped tomatoes                         
6. Crushed chillis       
7. Curry paste
8. Dry pasta in all shapes and sizes                                   
9. Flour
10. Gravy granules
11. Herbs – rosemary, thyme, tarragon and mixed herbs                          
12. Marmite                    
13. Mustard
14. Noodles
15. Olives
16. Olive oil                   
17. Paprika                     
18. Raisins
19. Rice
20. Runny honey
21. Stir fry sauce
22. Sesame oil
23. Soy sauce
24. Stock cubes
25. Sunflower oil
26. Tabasco
27. Tinned sardines
28. Tinned tuna
29. Tomato ketchup
30. White wine vinegar

Love your freezer
Now your store cupboard is well stocked with all the cook’s essentials, you just need to keep a keep a selection of fresh ingredients in your fridge and freezer. Our essential freezer list appears limited, but this is all you need to cook up delicious and satisfying meals.

1. Bread – sliced bread freezes brilliantly
2. Frozen vegetables
3. Frozen pastry                       
4. Frozen fish fillets
5. Frozen chicken breasts
6. Frozen fruit and berries
7. Vanilla ice cream – the ultimate freezer treat and surprisingly easy to make      

Five fast recipe ideas

5 a day pizza
Smoky fish stew with lemon and parsley
Chilli chicken fajitas
Vegetable puffs
Garden vegetable spaghetti with feta

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