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Seven dishes you didn’t know you could cook on a BBQ

Cooking burgers and sausages on the BBQ is standard fare, but cooking with fire can be a lot more versatile than that. Be adventurous with vegetables, breads, and even desserts, and you’ll find you can cook a whole range of your favourite dishes outside while making the most of the British summer.

  1. Decadent desserts

    Cooking on the barbie isn't only for savoury dishes. Barbecued fruit is an easy option as the natural sugars in the fruit caramelise as it cooks, making it taste extra sweet. Try griddled pineapple, bananas baked in foil, or juicy charred watermelon wedges. For a real treat, try these super-easy barbecued doughnut ice cream sandwiches – just grab a pack of doughnuts, tub of ice cream and layer up with some raspberry jam.

    Decadent desserts
  2. Summer rolls

    Inspired by the fresh, zingy flavours of Vietnamese cooking, these pretty prawn and mango summer rolls are sure to make your summer BBQ stand out. The skewers take just minutes to grill before wrapping the charred prawns and mango in crisp lettuce leaves and serving with a spicy dipping sauce.

    Summer rolls
  3. Salads

    Give your BBQ a green spin and transform your simple side salads with extra smoky flavour and texture from crisp, charred edges. Grilling lettuce is a must-try; firm varieties all hold their shape while griddled or barbecued, such as with this griddled iceberg and grain dish or this charred baby gem salad. Another unusual, yet delicious, option is to try grilled avocado, as the creamy inside contrasts with the blackened outside.

  4. Bread

    Embrace open-fire baking with these simple bread ideas. This delicious garlic bread recipe is a real crowd-pleaser; just wrap in foil and bake alongside your mains. To accompany kebabs and skewers, these three-ingredient flatbreads are the perfect solution, super easy and they can be cooked on a BBQ grill as well as in a frying pan.

  5. Quesadillas

    Turn your BBQ into a Mexican feast with a stuffed quesadilla that you can cook just as easily over coals as you can in a pan. In fact, the smoky charring only adds to the classic Mexican flavour. Go for chipotle steak quesadillas served with a charred tomato salsa, or these chicken, chorizo and pepper quesadillas with some cooling avocado. Grab a wedge and tuck in!

  6. Whole chicken

    A succulent whole chicken is a roast dinner staple, but it works just as well on the BBQ. Follow our easy step-by-step guide on how to spatchcock a chicken – splitting it down the middle then flattening it out so it cooks evenly on a grill – and take your Sunday lunch alfresco this summer.

    Whole chicken
  7. Cauliflower cheese

    A comfort food classic, hearty cauliflower cheese gets a summer makeover in this cauliflower fondue recipe. Think of it as a ‘deconstructed’ cauliflower cheese: the crisp, charred florets take on a lovely smoky flavour, which is the perfect match for the creamy cheese sauce dip. You’ll find it’s a great nibble for sharing at your next alfresco bash.

    Cauliflower cheese