How to cook rice

Rice is a staple part of my diet at home and I want to show you how to make perfect rice with great results every time. I find the absorbed methods is one of the best methods.

So here I've got 150g of Basmati rice which is enough to serve two people. You can also use long grain rice with this method too. Start by rinsing the rice in a sieve under a running tap until the water runs clear. This removes excess starch so the cooked rice isn't too sticky. Place the rice in a saucepan and add just under double the volume of water. A really good tip is to make sure that the water sits about an inch above the rice.

At this point all you have to do is add a pinch of salt, lid on and then bring to the boil. Once the rice is boiling you need to turn it down to a simmer and cook for a further ten minutes.

Now, this is really important; make sure you don't stir the rice or lift the lid during the cooking time. When the rice is cooked remove from the heat and, with the lid on, stand for around five minutes. This allows the rice to continue steaming, making it really tender.

Finally, fluff up the grains with a fork and it's ready to serve. Perfect soft and fluffy rice; easy when you know how.

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