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Eight creative Halloween party ideas

From puking pumpkins to slimy snacks and terrifying tarts, these gruesomely creative Halloween party ideas will make sure your spooky celebrations are truly frightful.

  1. The new pumpkin

    Show your innovative side by carving some spectacularly spooky creations from more than just your standard pumpkin. Try this fun pineapple jack-o’-lantern, or go extra fruity with a weird and wonderful watermelon head. What’s more, you can turn the scooped-out insides into tasty smoothies or fruit salads, too. 

  2. A dramatic start

    Gather everyone around for a delightfully disgusting show with this easy homemade puking pumpkin. You only need a few store-cupboard staples to create the luminous foam, but it will be sure to gross-out your guests.

  3. Stunning centrepiece

    Stand out from the crowd with one showstopper dish that everyone will remember. This rich chocolate Halloween tart looks stunning with its spiderweb design, but the surprise comes when you cut into it. Watch the horror on your guests’ faces as the green slime oozes from the middle, don’t worry though, it tastes delicious.

  4. Easy finger food

    Keep mess to a minimum with easy party food that kids can grab while enjoying the celebrations. These pear ghosts are super cute, made with just three ingredients and stuck on lolly sticks so they make the perfect handheld, fruity treat.

    Easy finger food
  5. Boozy punch bowls

    Every good party needs a thirst-quencher and Halloween is no exception. For a fun party serve, use a pumpkin as a punch bowl for dishing out a fruity Halloween cocktail, it looks stunning and less washing up too!

    Boozy punch bowls
  6. Devilishly tempting bakes

    Surely there’s no better cake for a Halloween party than a Devil’s food cake? Dark and glossy with a rich chocolate frosting and moist cake layers, it would be perfect on its own or could be decorated with devil horns and a tail for added drama.

    Devilishly tempting bakes
  7. Eye-popping snacks

    Popcorn is always a party favourite so give it a Halloween makeover with this sweet, sticky slime popcorn recipe. Decorated with white chocolate eyes, it’s the perfect scary snack to munch on between party games.