1. Drink Frankenstein’s punch

    Use a little hocus pocus to change lychees and grapes into eerie eyeballs that float in this sinister Frankenstein's punch, the perfect Halloween drink made with ginger beer and limeade.

  2. Dig into a graveyard trifle

    Turn a harmless trifle into a scary Halloween dessert of ghoulish proportions by creating a chocolate graveyard of crumbly soil, slippery snakes and haunting headstones, using chocolate brownies, jelly and biscuits.

  3. Serve scary cheeseburgers

    Use a little kitchen magic to turn burgers into a scary supper by cutting devillish faces into cheese slices and adding a little ketchup 'blood'...

  4. Watch out for meringue ghosts

    Indulge in a bit of Halloween baking with these sweet meringue ghosts. You can practise your piping skills to create different sized ghosts before adding chocolate chip eyes and mouths to decorate. 

  5. Bake a wickedly delicious cake

    Make the most of seasonal pumpkins or squash with this showstopping spiced pumpkin toffee apple cake. With layers of fruity cake, chocolate icing, salted caramel and fruit-and-nut-dipped toffee apples, it's a sticky, sweet, wonderfully messy baking project to try at home.

  6. Mix black magic cocktails

    Abracadabra! Cast a spell over your party with this creepy Halloween cocktail that uses black food colouring and orange juice to make levitating layers.

  7. Bite into a severed finger roll

    With oozy ketchup and gross onion fingernails, these terrifying hot dogs really do look like you've served up some severed fingers for dinner. Although, no one will be complaining when they realise they're really tasty sausages served in buttery brioche buns.

  8. Butcher your bakes

    If you're after a more adult-themed treat, these gory blood-splattered biscuits are sure to fit the bill. Bake up a batch of crisp, spiced gingerbread cookies for the base then go wild with the 'blood' icing drips and splatters on top.