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Three rhubarb cocktails

If you're a fan of a floral aperitif or fruity gin, we think you'll love this trio of homemade pink cocktail recipes. From a seriously cerise shaded classic negroni to a blushing rose sgroppino, these three simple cocktails are sure to leave you tickled pink...

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  1. Pink negroni

    Pink negroni

    Invented in 1919 by bartender Forsco Scarselli for Count Camillo Negroni, you can give this classic cocktail a contemporary update with this pink negroni recipe. The punchy four-ingredient pour uses pink gin to add a fun, flirty touch, while dashes of Campari, Aperol and sweet white vermouth over ice add zesty bitterness. Stir vigorously and finish with a slice of orange for the perfect pre-dinner Valentine’s tipple.

  2. Red grapefruit sgroppino

    A Sgroppino offers a grown-up take on an ice cream float – with a kick of boozy flavours. For this elegant pale pink variation, you’ll need to make some red grapefruit sorbet in advance. When ready to serve, divide a scoop of the red grapefruit sorbet between two coupe glasses, add 1 tsp of vodka and top up with Tesco Finest Prosecco rosé. Garnish with grapefruit peel.

    Red grapefruit sgroppino
  3. Rhubarb sour

    Looking to shake up a showstopper? Step in this fun and fruity rhubarb sour recipe. Egg whites provide a thick, pale pink foam for this blushed gin drink, while  an easy homemade rhubarb syrup adds sweetness to balance out the sour lemon and gin. Finish with a delicate curl of rhubarb by running a peeler along the length of the stem.

    Rhubarb sour