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Eight ideas that will make apples and pears irresistible

Make the most of stunning, seasonal apples and pears by turning these fruit bowl favourites into something spectacular with our irresistible recipes and ideas.

  1. Sticky and sweet

    Apples and pears are natural partners for sweet caramel and sticky toffee, being robust enough to stand up to their sugary intensity and gooey texture. Give a classic apple crumble a twist with pockets of oozy toffee sauce amid the soft fruit and crisp topping, or try drenching poached pears in salted caramel sauce for a more sophisticated dinner party pud. 

    Sticky and sweet
  2. Brilliant breakfasts

    Make apples and pears part of the first meal of the day. This vibrant green juice is made with apples, cucumber and spinach for a refreshing drink, and fresh pears add a delicious crunch to this easy overnight Bircher muesli recipe. For a more indulgent weekend breakfast, bake up a batch of these sweet, sticky pear and cinnamon buns.

    Brilliant breakfasts
  3. Say cheese

    Sweet, crunchy apples and pears provide the perfect flavour balance for creamy Manchego in this easy cheese tart recipe. Try this unlikely combination with a pear and cheese tarts recipe, or this pear, prosciutto and Gorgonzola pizza with a balsamic glaze to serve alongside your main meal.

    For a classic cheese recipe that's a real crowd-pleaser, try this Plougham's tart made with shop-bought puff pastry (to save time) and topped with sautéed onions and Cheddar cheese.

    Say cheese
  4. Crunchy sides

    Grated apples and pears are a delicious addition to creamy sides such as salsa and coleslaw, adding crunch and a little sweetness. Look out for firm, tart varieties such as Granny Smith and try as a simple topping for these family-friendly beef tacos, in a tangy remoulade served with gammon steaks, or as part of a vibrant beetroot slaw to pile into falafel wraps.

    Crunchy sides
  5. Fruity cocktails

    Make the most of the juice as well in delicious drinks to serve up to guests. For a crowd-pleaser, this refreshing apple, cucumber and gin cocktail has all the flavours of British summer, while this elegant pear and elderfower martini would be perfect for a special dinner.

    For something a bit heartier, this comforting spiced apple and ginger ale will keep you cosy on cooler nights.

    Fruity cocktails
  6. Easy roasts

    The combination of roast pork with apple is a true British classic, but it shouldn't be left only for Sunday roasts. Easy traybakes are perfect for midweek cooking, so try with this sausage, potato and apple traybake or go for a veggie sausage traybake instead. This pork chop and celeriac bake looks impressive and makes a satisfying dinner for two.

    Easy roasts
  7. Substantial salads

    The perfect salad has a good mix of textures and flavours, making apples and pears the perfect ingredients for adding crunch and a hint of sweetness or tart juiciness. This classic green garden salad benefits from crisp Granny Smith apple slices, while sweet pears help to balance the earthy, nutty flavours of this celeriac, fennel and hazelnut salad.

    For a bit of Spanish sunshine, this chorizo, pear and Manchego salad is full of vibrant sweet, sour and spicy flavours.

    Substantial salads
  8. Get baking

    Channel all of the autumnal flavours of a classic apple crumble with this apple and blackberry crumble cake recipe. Made with juicy Gala apples, tangy blackberries and a pinch of cinnamon, it's a great lunchbox treat or afternoon pick-me-up. 

    Sticky, caramelised apples are also perfect in a classic tarte tatin or try pears in an alternative spiced tarte tatin. Soft pears bring a touch of sophistication to this chocolate upside-down cake, while marzipan adds delicious almond flavour to this chunky apple torte.

    Get baking