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Seven new ways to cook with eggs

Poached, boiled or fried, eggs are a staple ingredient we all love to cook and eat, but there are lots of other fun and creative ways to make the most of them. Bake them, put them on top of a pizza, whip them into delicious desserts or give them a spicy makeover with these egg-citing new egg ideas.

  1. Indian-spiced

    Eggs pop up everywhere in Indian cuisine as they make the perfect base for zingy chilli and warming spices. For breakfast, try slicing up soft boiled eggs in a classic golden kedgeree or mixing your normal scrambled eggs with spinach and garam masala. For a more substantial meal, try these saag paneer-filled omelettes or serve up slices of this tandoori-spiced veggie frittata.

  2. Whole in a hole

    Baking whole eggs is much easier than poaching – no pans, no mess and the same runny golden yolk. Plus, you can get creative with the ‘holes’ they are baked in. This one-pan brunch traybake has eggs cracked straight into the tray amongst the other ingredients, while this clever avocado breakfast or stacked bagel cooks them directly inside the veg or bread holes.

    Whole in a hole
  3. Whipped and fluffy

    Whisking egg whites to make crispy meringues is nothing new, so take things a little further by whipping up fluffy soufflé-style dishes with both the whites and yolks. These impressive cheese soufflés are easier to make than you think and perfect for a dinner party starter, or you could try a classic chocolate soufflé for pud. Omelettes can be turned into airy clouds too; go savoury with this souffléd mushroom omelette or try a sweet creation with this fluffy berry omelette.

    Whipped and fluffy
  4. Gluten-free bread

    If you’re experimenting with gluten-free baking give egg-based breads a go. This courgette and feta bread is quick and easy to make (no yeast and no kneading) and packed with herbs for plenty of flavour – slather thick slices with butter, houmous or your favourite dip. For a fun lunch or snack, try these cute cloud breads, just made with eggs, soft cheese and cream of tartar, they can be used instead of sliced bread, wraps, tacos and more.

    Gluten-free bread
  5. Perfect picnic

    Turn eggs into the perfect portable snack with your own homemade Scotch eggs. Fun to make, you can mix up your own flavour combinations and cook the eggs just how you like them; we love these sweet-and-salty maple bacon Scotch eggs or these vegetarian versions surrounded by a spiced potato mix. For a real showstopper, try this sausage and egg picnic pie, it’s like a giant sausage roll but better.

    Perfect picnic
  6. Creamy custard

    Mastering the perfect silky-smooth custard is a skill worth learning as it can form the base of so many delicious dishes. Start with our easy-to-follow custard video below for the essentials, then try using the same techniques for a classic crème caramel or stunning baked custard tart.

  7. Top takeaway

    Combine eggs with your favourite weekend treats for fun dishes the whole family will love. A classic Florentine pizza is topped with a fried egg, as is this sunny tomato pizza that the kids will love helping to make. If you’re bored of standard beef burgers, try these South American-style burgers which are stacked high with pink pickled onions, zingy salsa and a fried egg for an oozy finish. Jamie Oliver gives a Chinese noodle stir-fry a crunchy twist with a nutty fried egg on top – grab your chopsticks and get stuck in!

    Top takeaway