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Every part of a pig can be eaten, from the nose to the tail, from large joints for roasting, to ribs for barbecuing and slow cooking pork belly, it's a very popular and versatile meat.


All year round

How to cook

Cooking methods vary depending on the cut of pork you're using. If you've got lots of time slow cooking pork will leave it really tender, and a roasted pork belly or loin makes a great alternative to beef or chicken roast dinner. Most cuts can be stewed, roasted or grilled and pork chops and ribs work well on the barbecue.


Look for cuts with a relatively thin layer of fat round them. The meat should be firm and pink, and there should be a little bit of fat running through the meat itself, known as ‘marbling'.


With most cuts of pork trim off some of the fat before cooking. However if you're cooking a joint like pork belly, or want to make crackling you may want to leave it on. If the crackling doesn't crisp up, cut it off in a big piece and pop under a hot grill before serving.


Sealed, pre-packed pork can normally be kept in the fridge for 2-4 days.

Serving Suggestion

Pork goes really well with a number of fruits, and is typically eaten with apple sauce.  Try roasting it with pears, or stuffing a pork loin with apricots and sage before roasting.


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