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Free-from versions of your favourite recipes

Following a free-from diet can sometimes feel restrictive, but it doesn't mean you have to miss out on classic dishes and traditional recipes. With a little creativity and inventiveness in the kitchen, you can still enjoy hearty mains, creamy sauces and chocolatey bakes, whether you're eating gluten-, dairy- or egg-free. These free-from versions of classic recipes are sure to get you inspired in the kitchen.

  1. A classic breakfast

    Creamy smoothies, fluffy pancakes and scrambled eggs... you can still enjoy breakfast classics with just a few easy tweaks to your favourite recipes. Go dairy-free in smoothies and cereals with plant-based milks and yogurts, such as in this chai-spiced smoothie bowl or warming plum and almond porridge. Adding coconut milk or mashed banana to your pancake batter is a great trick to avoid using eggs or dairy, try it with these fluffy vegan pancakes or fruity banana pancakes. If avoiding wheat and gluten, then this hearty seed and grain kedgeree will fill you up for the day, or try a fluffy berry omelette instead of toast and jam. To enjoy an egg-free cooked breakfast, try scrambled tofu instead, it's just as rich and creamy as the real deal.

    A classic breakfast
  2. Pasta with a twist

    We all love a hearty Italian feast of rich pasta or layered lasagne and luckily there are lots of egg-free and gluten-free pasta alternatives available in store which can be swapped in to go with your favourite sauces and toppings. You could even try replacing the pasta altogether with vegetables, such as in this butternut squash spaghetti or courgette spiral lasagne below. To replicate creamy sauces, try this 'meaty' mushroom carbonara or veggie lasagne which make the most of soya milk and clever flavourings to replicate that cheesy flavour.

  3. The perfect slice

    Pizza has become the go-to weekend treat or takeaway choice for many. You can still get a slice of the action if you’re going gluten-free as this creative chicken pizza has a base made from blitzed up cauliflower and ground almonds - give it a go then mix up the toppings as you like. If you're leaving out the cheese this dairy-free vegan pizza is a good place to start, using creamy houmous for a topping instead of your usual mozzarella.

    The perfect slice
  4. All the trimmings

    Even a traditional Sunday roast can be tricky if avoiding certain things. A classic nut roast is a good place to start as it can be made totally meat-, gluten-, egg- and dairy-free. If eating meat, you can cook the main joint simply with fresh herbs or with a gluten-free rice stuffing instead of a bread-based version. To finish things off, add a good glug of this cider gravy that uses cornflour for a gluten-free option, or this vegan gravy which is meat- and dairy-free.

    All the trimmings
  5. Fish supper

    Fish and chips is a Friday night favourite, but avoiding gluten can mean that standard batter or breadcrumb coatings are a no-go. Get creative with your toppings and you won't miss the plain batter, such as with this spicy coconut-crusted cod, zingy chimichurri fish and sweet potato traybake or fragrant lemon and olive fish bake. Alternatively you can let the fish itself really shine and get your crunch from this super crispy-skinned cod with pea mash.

    Fish supper
  6. Tasty pastry

    Some of our favourite treats are wrapped in golden, buttery pastry but there are ways to make this work for any diet. Make your own gluten-free shortcrust pastry and you can then adapt any of your favourite pie and tart recipes as you like, or try these colourful veggie pasties for a picnic or buffet spread. To avoid the pastry altogether, try a crustless quiche that has all the flavour of the original and is easy to slice and transport, too. This nectarine galette recipe has an almond crust enriched with oil that makes it both gluten- and dairy-free, perfect for filling with seasonal fruits throughout the year.

    Tasty pastry
  7. Teatime treats

    Do you deserve to put your feet up with a cuppa and enjoy your favourite sweet treats? Of course you do! This gorgeous Victoria sponge cake recipe, classic banana bread and traditional scones are all dairy- and egg-free, while this zesty orange and almond cake is gluten- and dairy-free, made with ground almonds for a beautifully moist crumb. 

    Teatime treats
  8. Chocoholic’s dream

    You can definitely still get your chocolate fix when going dairy- or gluten-free. Instead of cream or butter, try olive oil as a balance for rich chocolate such as in this easy chocolate olive oil cake or luxurious chocolate olive oil mousse. For a showstopper treat, this iced vegan chocolate cake uses coconut oil and puréed pears for the perfect texture. For fudgy brownies, try this clever recipe for black bean brownies – no-one will guess that these decadent squares use a tin of beans in place of flour and butter! 

    Chocoholic’s dream
  9. Creamy, crunchy cheesecake

    It's hard not to love this rich, American dessert, with its silky-smooth cream cheese topping and crunchy biscuit base. Try it dairy-free with these fridge-set blueberry cheesecake bars, which use almond yogurt for a tasty topping. Or replace your standard biscuit base with this oat, almond and date version for a gluten-free baked vanilla cheesecake.

    Creamy, crunchy cheesecake
  10. Comforting puds

    Classic puds can go back on your menu with these free-from recipes. Enjoy a gluten-free sticky toffee pudding smothered in sweet toffee sauce, or go for a slice of creamy banoffee pie with a gluten-free base. For a retro twist, this Bakewell tart recipe is dairy-free and this crunchy apple crumble uses oats, nuts and maple syrup for a dairy- and gluten-free topping.

    Comforting puds
  11. Frozen delights

    Ice cream without the cream? Serve up a scoop of delicious dairy-free ice cream with your next pud for an indulgent treat. Go for a classic vanilla ice cream or try a rich chocolate ice cream recipe that also happens to be egg-free. For fruity flavour, this vegan peach and basil ice cream makes a refreshing treat. With just two ingredients, this banana ice cream recipe makes a simple free-from alternative that is super-simple to whip up, or go for a chocolate version with this easy video.

    Frozen delights