Top tips for the perfect roast dinner

There’s no denying it, we all love a Sunday roast. A big weekend meal is the perfect excuse to get all your friends and family around the table for a feast. To help you achieve gorgeously glossy gravy, tender roasted veggies and beautifully crispy potatoes, here are our top tips for the ultimate roast dinner.

  1. Get ahead

    Make life easy and get some of the hard work done the day before the meal. Peel and chop the potatoes, leaving them overnight in a saucepan of water in the fridge. Slice your veggies and store in plastic containers in the fridge so they’re ready and waiting when you come to cook the next day.

  2. Super spuds

    A roast dinner is simply not complete without crispy roast potatoes. For the best results – crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside – use King Edward or Maris Piper potatoes and cook them in a pre-heated oven tray with hot oil. Follow our easy video guide and you’ll nail them every time.

  3. Glorious gravy

    Traditionally made by combining the meat juices in the roasting pan with flour and wine, good gravy can make a roast dinner sing. If you want to get ahead, here’s a rich, glossy gravy that you can make ahead of time.

  4. Full-on flavour

    Add extra flavour to your cooking with the help of just a few basic ingredients. Make a trivot, or base, of sliced onions, garlic and leeks, to sit beneath your meat, which will also enhance the taste of the gravy. Or sprinkle a vegetable stock cube over parboiled potatoes and toss before roasting for even more added flavour. 

  5. Mighty meat

    To get the best results, make sure you treat your centrepiece with due care and attention. Always bring the meat to room temperature before putting it into a pre-heated oven, as this will ensure an even cook. And once cooked, cover in foil and leave to rest for at least 10 minutes so that the juices can relax back into the joint.

  6. Versatile vegetables

    Seasonal sides are just too tasty to be an afterthought. Instead, give them some loving and roast piles of sliced root veg with garlic, herbs and oil, until tender, to really intensify their flavour.

  7. Cool condiments

    Whether you like the spicy kick of wholegrain mustard or the full on fruity flavour of apple sauce, condiments are a perfect partner to a roast dinner. Why not try making a creamy bread sauce next time you’re cooking a roast chicken or turkey? 

  8. Lovely leftovers

    There’s nothing better than a cold beef sandwich smothered in mustard, or a roast chicken sarnie jazzed up with mayo and spring onions. But why not take your leftovers to the next level with a pretty platter – simply serve your leftover vegetables piled high with feta, pomegranate seeds and spinach leaves.