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Catch of the day: How to get more fish into your diet

Whether you’re cooking sea bass for the first time or whipping up your famous fish pie, our helpful guide will give you the know-how to ensure your seafood dish is bursting with flavour. Adding more seafood to your weekly meals could benefit your body and our handy tips will ensure you get the most out of cooking your favourite catch.

  1. Sea bass fillets

    It might be a little pricey but the delicate texture and rich flavour is enough of a reason for its premium price. Serving sea bass is normally a big statement, so make sure you're prepared and ready to cook it to perfection. Pan-fry this delicate white fish skin-side down to protect the flesh, then flip it just for the last bit of cooking. Score the skin with a sharp knife first, to stop it curling up while cooking, and pair with aromatic flavours such as citrus and fresh herbs.

    If you're going for a meal for two, give this Lime and cumin sea bass a go, with a light and fruity mango salsa giving a tropical taste to the dish. Alternatively, Pan-fried sea bass with pea and potato salad makes for a light and filling midweek meal for four that's ready in under 30 minutes.

    Sea bass fillets
  2. Artisan smoked haddock

    Flaky and tender, smoked haddock is a staple of any quality mixed-seafood dish. Don't be put off by its bright yellow colour – this is the result of slowly smoking the fish, which helps preserve it and keeps bacteria at bay. In this case, Tesco’s haddock is wild caught in the North East Atlantic and smoked slowly in ancient brick chimneys. It’s ideal in a Healthy fish pie for a super midweek meal, but for something different, try the Smoked haddock rarebit.

    Artisan smoked haddock
  3. Classic cod

    Is there anything more British than Battered cod, chips and mushy peas? This meaty fish is just as good battered as a delicious, healthy fakeaway, or even as a Traybake with lentils and beetroot for a simple, midweek option for two.

    For doneness you’re looking for opaque flesh that flakes easily. All wild-caught in the North East Atlantic, it has a firm, flaky texture that works well in curries or as the star of the show in this Mediterranean traybake.

    Classic cod
  4. Delicate scallops

    Wild-caught in the Canadian North West Atlantic, scallops are popular for special occasions. If you're looking to make a big statement with your cooking, they're the perfect starter for a decadent meal – these Scallops with brown butter, capers and tarragon are bound to impress.

    Large scallops are great for frying as they can have more time in the pan to achieve a golden crust while retaining a soft and buttery centre. If you're plating up scallops as a main, why not try out these Scallops with prawns, pancetta and beurre blanc? If the sun is out and you fancy getting the grill out, swap out bangers and burgers for these light and healthy Scallop and prawn kebabs with lime dressing.

    Delicate scallops
  5. Jumbo king prawns

    Incredibly versatile and great year-round, prawns are fantastic in a springtime salad featuring Watercress and risotto. These plump, sweet and juicy treats make a tasty addition to many dishes and a great alternative to meat on the barbecue – try these Piri piri prawns with basil and lemon sauce for a fiery way to up your game on BBQ day.

    If you fancy a light lunch, bring the taste of Spain to your kitchen with these Garlic and lemon gambas – they’re delicious tapas that are quick to cook, soak up flavour and taste brilliant with some crusty bread. Maybe you're in the mood for some Asian-inspired sizzling King prawns in ginger and garlic? We wouldn’t blame you, it’s the ideal dinner for two and is full of umami flavours.

    Who could forget about a classic Prawn cocktail? If you're planning your menu for Christmas dinner, you can’t go wrong – it’s light and refreshing, the perfect way to get the party started.

    Jumbo king prawns
  6. North Atlantic salmon

    A fantastic option for any occasion, salmon can really do it all. Selected for its freshness, Tesco salmon is responsibly sourced from waters off Norway and Scotland. This versatile fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and great in spicy tacos or a special-occasion supper.

    Try it as an alternative to your Sunday roast beef, like in this Roast salmon and capers with herb cream recipe. The capers help enhance the flavour, while the herby butter keeps the salmon rich and moist – essential for a large cut.

    For a midweek meal, you can't go wrong with a fillet. Dress it up with a sesame crust to give a texture contrast and serve with pasta in this super-smoky Sesame-crusted salmon harissa tagliatelle or try this simple Roasted salmon for a healthy and delicious dinner.

    Maybe you want to bring the flavours of a Mexican cantina to your kitchen? You can give these Crispy salmon tacos a go, with the fruity mango salsa and creamy avocado giving a real flavour and colour boost to your plate.

    North Atlantic salmon