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Timesaving ingredients to make the most of your freezer

Only keeping a bag of frozen peas and some leftovers in your freezer? It's time to make the most of your freezer with timesaving products to help all areas of your cooking - from frozen fruit for smoothies and desserts, to frozen fish and ready prepared herbs and spices to give meals a boost.

  1. Just add veg

    Frozen veg is an easy way to pack plenty of veg into your meals – and because it’s already prepped, you'll save time in the kitchen, too. Use frozen sliced leeks to make a comforting seafood pie, add frozen sliced mushrooms to creamy mushrooms and chicken with colcannon mash, or whip up a speedy side of garlicky spinach to enjoy with your favourite Friday night curry by subbing fresh greens for defrosted frozen leaf spinach.

    Recipes for family favourites like lasagne and classic spaghetti Bolognese start with softening onion in a pan, but you can skip the time-consuming chopping stage and get straight to the cooking with frozen diced white onion. And for fans of Mexican food, these frozen sliced mixed peppers make a speedy 30 minute vegan fajita recipe even quicker.

    Just add veg
  2. Increase the flavour

    Inject flavour into dishes with ready-to-go frozen chopped herbs, zesty frozen chopped ginger and fiery diced chilli. Whether you’re livening up a Vietnamese beef pho, adding warmth to a cajun-spiced chicken and black bean chilli bowl or using fragrant basil, coriander and thyme in easy herb-crusted salmon, ready-to-go chopped ingredients shaves minutes off your prep time and offer a longer shelf life – so you can wave goodbye to wilting herb pots on your window sill!

    Increase the flavour
  3. Fruity favourites

    Frozen fruit are great for adding straight to your morning smoothie, ensuring a fruity boost to your five-a-day. But have you ever thought about using them in savoury dishes, too? Frozen mango chunks work perfectly in this prawn and mango curry, while frozen pineapple chunks can be subbed into an aromatic crispy five-spice salmon dish for ease. And of course, there's loads of dessert recipes that work well with frozen fruit. Enjoy a fruity twist on a classic Neapolitan ice cream using frozen pitted dark sweet cherries and mango chunks, or try your hand at whipping up this adults-only frozen strawberry daiquiri recipe.

    Fruity favourites
  4. Berry boost

    Having a few bags of frozen berries in the freezer puts last-minute desserts and speedy breakfasts at your fingertips. You can use frozen raspberries, cranberries and blueberries in this pretty pink fruit smoothie bowl, while adding frozen berries to a pan with cinnamon and honey for 8 minutes makes an incredible berry compote to swirl over warming spiced winter porridge. Looking for an easy dessert recipe to pull out the bag whenever? Try this six-ingredient autumnal fruit pie that uses juicy frozen mixed berries and defrosted shortcrust pastry. Or, add a handful of berries to your cocktails as a speedy garnish – frozen cranberries added to this frosted pear and cranberry punch adds festive cheer – and they double up as fruity ice cubes, too!

    Berry boost
  5. Fabulous fish

    Fresh fish and shellfish can be tricky, especially if you’re not confident preparing them for cooking, but with frozen fish all the hard work is done for you. Having a bag of fish pie mix in the freezer makes this creamy fish pie recipe an easy midweek meal, while a bag of frozen bass or haddock fillets on stand-by ensures the hardest part of simple 6 ingredient recipes, like this buttery sea bass with cider-braised greens, is remembering to get the fillets out the freezer. Frozen shellfish is perfect for speedy pasta dishes, too. Add frozen cooked mussels and king prawns to seafood linguine, or try this zesty brown butter prawn pasta recipe that uses cold water prawns from the freezer.

    Fabulous fish