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At Tesco we take both you and your little ones’ health seriously, so we teamed up with some great expert nutritionists to create Goodness for Kids, a portion controlled, healthy range, especially for kids! Developed for children aged between 5 and 10 years old, the Goodness for Kids range includes ready prepared fresh fruit snacks, delicious ready meals, an extensive range of yoghurts – from mini pots to drinking yoghurts, as well as some yummy treats like lollies and snacks. Plus every product is taste approved by kids before it goes into the shops, so we know that kids love them.   

Every product carrying the Goodness for Kids logo is in line with Food Standards Agency guidelines for healthy products for children and meets strict criteria for fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt. All products are 100% free from artificial colours and flavours and many contain extra vitamins or calcium too.

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Just look for the Goodness for Kids logo and you can be confident that your child is eating only what’s right for them.

Fruit and vegetables are always a healthy option so why reinvent the wheel? Tesco Goodness for Kids apple snack pack is a great source of fibre and provides one of our five a day. Ready sliced and cored, there’s no tricky chopping for little hands and at 80g is just the right size. Pop in a lunchbox or have on standby for an easy, healthy snack.

As tasty as a bag of crisps but better for you, Tesco Goodness for Kids Cheesy Tortilla Snacks make a great lunchbox alternative. Baked rather than fried, these crunchy little bites are available in packs of six – one for every day of the school week plus a bonus bag for the weekend! No artificial colours or preservatives and no hydrogenated fat. 

For a sweeter treat, try Tesco Goodness for Kids Apple & Strawberry Fruit Slurpers. Kids will love these sweet, fruity smoothies that count for one of your five a day. There’s no added sugar – the natural sweetness of the fruit makes these snacks so moreish. 

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When it comes to tea time, kids need healthy, filling, tasty food and fast. When you simply don’t have time to cook yourself Tesco Goodness for Kids Cottage Pie is a fantastic choice, a simple classic that kids love and perfectly balanced for their nutritional needs. Minced beef and vegetables, topped with smooth mashed potato. Not only does it taste great but it’s a fantastic source of protein, one of your five a day and made only with ingredients you’d find in your own kitchen. To follow, why not dish out a Tesco Goodness for Kids Strawberry & Raspberry Pouch. Creamy fromage frais mixed with real fruit puree – perfect for pudding or as part of a packed lunch. 

When kids get home from school very hungry, it’s tempting to reach for an unhealthy snack to keep them quiet until tea’s on the table. Why not try Tesco Goodness for Kids Mini Mild Cheddar Sticks instead? – a great source of calcium and satisfying enough to keep kids going without a sugary fix. Or, make sure you have a bag of Tesco Goodness for Kids Easy Peelers in the fruit bowl – a fantastic source of fibre AND vitamin C and they’re easy enough for even the littlest fingers to peel.

At Tesco we have made a commitment to parents to provide their children with convenient, tasty and nutritionally balanced meal solutions. We’ve kept their prices low without compromising on quality and with our Goodness for Kids range, you know you’re in safe hands.

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