Bouquet garni

bouquetgarni HERO

A classic flavouring in French cooking the bouquet garni is a selection of herbs tied into a bundle, which is then discarded when a dish is cooked. It lends a subtle flavour to casseroles, soups, sauces and stocks.


All year round, it will have maximum impact when the herbs are at their best, or when they have been dried as a bundle.


Use parsley stalks, thyme spigs and bay leaf (dried or fresh). Traditionally they are folded into an outer leaf of leek then tied with string or popped in a muslin bag then tied.


Make fresh if you have time or if you buy them ready made, look for small packets as the intensity of flavour weakens after time.

Serving suggestion

Throw into the base mix of one-pot dishes or pop one into the pan when making Bolognese. They will also lend flavour to moules Marinere, Mediterranean fish stew or other classic French dishes.


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