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The perfect drinks for golden hour

The sunlight’s mellowing, the evening lies ahead. Time to mix yourself a treat, in the shape of one of these beautifully easy cocktails. From a simple spritz to a classic piña colada, these are the drinks you'll want to be making for a sundowner this summer.

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  1. Amalfi sunset spritz

    Zesty Malfy Gin Rosa is inspired by the Amalfi Coast and distilled in Italy with juniper, pink grapefruit and rhubarb. Pair with Prosecco and Sanpellegrino as an aperitivo. Combine 35ml Malfy Gin Rosa with 50ml Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa and 50ml Prosecco in a wine glass, over ice. Stir. Garnish with thyme, orange and strawberry.

  2. Passionfruit martini

    Upgrade a martini with Bloom’s Passionfruit & Vanilla Blossom Gin. Add the seeds and juice of ½ passionfruit to a cocktail shaker with 30ml gin, 50ml pineapple juice, the juice of ¼ lime, ½ tsp honey and ice; shake; strain into a glass; top with the other ½ passionfruit.

  3. Piña colada

    Gorgeously coconuty, Malibu rum is the ideal choice for this classic cocktail to summon up the spirit – and taste – of the Caribbean. Pour 50ml Malibu, 75ml pineapple juice and 25ml coconut cream into a cocktail shaker, with a good handful of ice. Shake well, then pour into a highball glass. Serve with a paper straw, if you like.