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Eat the rainbow of fruit and veg

We are here to help make eating fruit and veg every day easy. Focus on all the different colours - from juicy red tomatoes to crisp green salads or vibrant purple berries - to help you get your 5-a-day.

  1. Red

    Take your pick of vibrant red fruit and veg, from juicy summer berries to versatile tomatoes and crisp red peppers.

    Tomatoes: Use tinned tomatoes in quick pasta sauces, cook a comforting tomato soup or slice into a juicy salad with mozzarella and fresh basil. For a healthy family dinner, try this easy roasted tomato risotto.

    Peppers: Crisp red peppers make a great healthy snack when sliced raw and use as crudité for healthy dips. For a healthy brunch or weekend lunch, try Jamie Oliver's red pepper shakshuka with golden baked eggs. If you're short on time, use a jar of ready roasted peppers for cheat's red pepper rice that's ready in 30 mins. Or combine your red veg and load colourful peppers with juicy tomatoes and mozzarella for Italian-style stuffed peppers.

    Watermelon: A ripe watermelon is the ultimate summer treat. Once you've had your fill of snacking on slices, try blitzing into a refreshing watermelon and mint granita, perfect for warm sunny days.

    Strawberries: Juicy British strawberries are always a sign of British summer arriving. Keep a punnet on standby for easy snacking. Next time you're having a barbecue, make a batch of these smoky strawberry skewers with a creamy quark dip for a healthy way to finish a BBQ feast.

  2. Purple

    There's more purple fruit and veg than you might think - from glossy aubergines to juicy plums, blackberries and blueberries.

    Aubergines: Aubergines are great for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking. Pair with courgettes and peppers to make a rich ratatouille, rub slices with spices and griddle to make a vegetarian steak or blitz into a creamy baba ganoush dip and serve with flatbreads. Make this caponata, a vegan Sicilian stew loaded with plenty of veg, olives and pine nuts for a hearty family dinner.

    Red cabbage: Despite it's name, red cabbage has a bold purple hue perfect for brightening up salads and slaws. It can be enjoyed raw for it's crisp, crunchy texture or braised until super soft. This red cabbage and kale salad recipe makes the most of this colourful veg and has a creamy tahini dressing.

    Blackberries: British blackberries are at their best in late summer and early autumn. Scatter over yoghurt in the morning or blitz into Jamie Oliver's vibrant smoothie bowl. For a healthy fruity dessert, bake this blackberry filo tart with a creamy berry filling, crisp filo base and drizzle of chocolate.

    Blueberries: A handful of blueberries is an easy way to get some fruit into your day. Scatter over porridge, bake into healthy berry muffins or freeze into this easy no-churn blueberry and lime frozen yoghurt for a healthy summer dessert.

  3. Orange

    Go beyond carrots and oranges to get your fill of orange fruit and veg! Snack on apricots and mangoes, roast butternut squash and bake sweet potatoes.

    Oranges: As well as making the most of fresh fruit and veg, did you know 150ml of fruit juice counts as one of your five a day? Drink a glass of orange juice at breakfast for a quick win or use fresh oranges as a marinade on a healthy citrus salmon dinner.

    Carrots: Add diced carrots to your next Bolognese or chilli as an easy way to add more veg to your meals. Serve up Jamie Oliver's striking hasselback carrots with your next Sunday roast for a way to make veggie sides more interesting or grate and fry into healthy carrot bhajis for an Indian-inspired dinner.

    Butternut squash: A butternut squash is a versatile option to keep in the veg drawer. Dice and roast until caramelised, halve and stuff with a fragrant filling, turn into creamy soup or roast in Jamie Oliver's Thai chicken and squash traybake.

    Apricots: Sweet, juicy fresh apricots are delicious in summer, but don't forget tinned and dried apricots to enjoy all year round too - just 30g of dried fruit counts as a portion towards your 5-a-day. This Middle Eastern apricot and honey tagine is packed with veg, or use ripe fresh apricots for this pretty, healthy apricot tart.

    Mangoes: Looking for inspiration on how to use the mango sitting in your fruit bowl? Layer into cauliflower rice salad jars for a healthy lunch, blitz into a creamy mango lassi syllabub for a light dessert or freeze into colourful Neapolitan ice cream for healthy homemade sorbet.

    Sweet potatoes: Swap plain potatoes for a sweet potato - use to make mash, loaded jacket potatoes or a comforting veggie soup. Jamie Oliver's sweet potato and pepper tikka masala roasts the veg first for maximum flavour in this healthy family meal.

  4. Yellow

    Bring the sunshine with a selection of yellow fruit and veg – make the most of pineapple, pears, bananas and sweetcorn.

    Pineapple: Whether you're using tinned or fresh, use pineapple for a tropical snack (try drizzling with honey and chopped mint) or turn into healthy desserts – try a roasted pineapple crumble or freeze a batch of tropical ice lollies. You can use pineapple in savoury dishes too: a tin of pineapple is the secret ingredient to the sauce in this sweet and sour pork stir-fry.

    Pears: If you're bored of snacking on fruit raw, try making these super simple pear crisps - using just two ingredients! Use pears raw or cooked in savoury meals – raw pear adds a touch of sweetness to this crisp celeriac and fennel salad, or roast until caramelised in this comforting roast pork with pears and cider.

    Bananas: Keep a bunch of bananas in the fruit bowl and you'll always be able to make healthy treats - add to smoothies for extra creaminess or choose from Jamie Oliver's fluffy banana pancakes, a breakfast loaf and even the easiest ever one-ingredient ice cream!

    Sweetcorn: Brighten up dishes with colourful corn. Add tinned to casseroles and stews, or grill whole cobs on your next barbecue - try Jamie Oliver's supercharged cheese-coated recipe. Make lunchtimes more interesting with courgette and sweetcorn frittata sandwiches or make a veg-filled brown rice and corn soup for colder days.

  5. Pink

    Take your pick of perfectly pink ways to get your fruit and veg, from peppery radishes to sweet rhubarb desserts.

    Radishes: Try something different for lunch this weekend and make this roasted radish, orange and white bean platter for a colourful vegan salad. Hot, pepper radishes pair well with richer flavours such as oily fish, so try thinly slicing and adding to to this trout salad or with creamy crab and avocado.

    Pink grapefruit: Tart pink grapefruits are perfect at breakfast – slice over yoghurt, grill until just caramelised or layer up a pretty breakfast pot with yoghurt and granola.

    Rhubarb: Make the most of seasonal British rhubarb - the forced rhubarb early in the season has the brightest pink colour. Stew or roast rhubarb until just soft but still holding it's shape and then spoon over warming porridge, or use as the base for a healthy crumble.